Boards and Beyond
Boards and Beyond

  1. Molecular Biology
    DNA Replication DNA Polymerase, Directionality, Telomerase (17min)
    DNA Mutations Point mutations, Insertions, Deletions, DNA Slippage (14min)
    DNA Repair Base excision, Nucleotide excision, Homologous end joining (17min)
    Transcription RNA polymerase, 5' capping, splicing, polyadenylation (23min)
    Translation Ribosomes, tRNA, posttranslational modification (20min)
  2. Laboratory Techniques
    PCR Polymerase chain reaction methods and clinical uses (5min)
    Blotting Southern, Northern, Western, Southwestern blots (8min)
    Flow Cytomertry Technique and clinical uses of flow cytometry (6min)
    ELISA Technique and clinical uses of enzyme linked immunoassay (9min)
    Microarrays and FISH Technique and clinical uses of DNA microarrays and FISH (5min)
  3. Cellular Biology
    Cell Cycle G1, S, G2, and M phase, cyclins, cyclin-dependent kinases (14min)
    Cell Structure Endoplasmic reticulum. Golgi, Vesicles, Clathrin (21min)
    Cytoskeleton Microfilaments, intermediate filaments, microtubules, cilia (15min)
    Connective Tissue Collagen, Elastin, Fibrillin and related disorders (25min)