Boards and Beyond
Boards and Beyond

  1. Biostatistics
    Basic Statistics Mean, Median, Mode, Standard deviation (18min)
    Hypothesis Testing Null and alternative hypotheses, Power, Type I and II errors (13min)
    Tests of Significance t-test, ANOVA, Chi squared, Confidence intervals (17min)
    Correlations Correlation coefficient, Coefficient of determinations (7min)
  2. Epidemiology
    Study Designs Cross-sectional, Cohort, Case control (17min)
    Risk Quantification Risk ratio, Odds ratio, Attributable risk, Number needed to harm, Rare disease assumption (18min)
    Sensitivity and Specificity Incidence, Prevalence, Sensitivity, Specificity (22min)
    Positive and Negative Predictive Value Positive and negative predictive value calculation (13min)
    Diagnostic Tests Accuracy, Precision, ROC curves, Likelihood ratios (15min)
    Bias Selection, Sampling, Confounders, Effect modifiers (18min) UPDATED 9-1-2016
    Clinical Trials Control, Randomization, Blinding, Risk reduction, Number needed to treat, Meta Analyses (13min)