Boards and Beyond
Boards and Beyond

  1. Introduction to Neurology
    Cells of the Nervous System Neurons, Glial cells, Sensory structures, Nerve fibers (14min)
    Nerve Damage Wallerian degeneration, Upper/lower motor lesions, Bulbar palsies (11min) UPDATED 8-11-2016
    Blood Brain Barrier Blood-brain barrier, Circumventricular organs, Vasogenic edema (3min)
    Neurotransmitters Norepinephrine, Acetylcholine, Dopamine, Serotonin, GABA (10min)
    Dermatomes and Reflexes Dermatomes, Clinical reflexes, Primitive reflexes (12min) UPDATED 6-9-2016
  2. Nervous System Structures
    Cerebral Cortex Lobes, Common lesions, Broca’s aphasia, Wernike’s aphasia (12min)
    Spinal Cord Spinal cord anatomy and tracts (14min)
    Spinal Cord Syndromes Polio, ALS, Brown-Séquard, Multiple sclerosis, ASA syndrome, SCD, Cauda equina syndrome (19min)
    Brainstem Midbrain, Pons, Medulla, Localizing brainstem lesions, Rule of 4s (26min)
    Cranial Nerves Cranial nerves 1-12, Cranial nerve lesions (18min)
    Auditory System Auditory anatomy, Hearing loss, Rinne/Weber (10min)
    Vestibular System Vestibular anatomy, Nystagmus, Vertigo (13min)
    Thalamus, Hypothalamus, Limbic System Thalamic nuclei, Hypothalamus functions, Kluver-Bucy, Wernike-Korsakoff (16min)
    Cerebellum Cerebellar anatomy, Ataxias, Cerebellar tumors (10min) UPDATED 8-3-2016
    Basal Ganglia Basal ganglia anatomy, Direct and indirect pathways (10min)
    Ventricles and Sinuses Ventricles, Dural sinuses, Hydrocephalus (14min)
  3. Neurovascular Disorders
    Cerebral and Lacunar Strokes MCA, ACA, PCA, Lacunar strokes (19min)
    Vertebrobasilar Stroke Syndromes AICA, PICA, ASA strokes, Horner’s syndrome (10min)
    CNS Aneurysms AComm & PComm aneurysms, Subarachnoid hemorrhage (7min)
    Intracranial Bleeding Subdural & epidural hematoma, Subarachnoid hemorrhage, Herniation syndromes (19min)
    Management of TIA/Stroke Diagnosis, Thrombolysis, Post-stroke management (7min)
  4. Autonomic Nervous System
    Autonomic Nervous System Sympathetic & parasympathetic function (27min)
    ANS Drugs: Norepinephrine Alpha/Beta agonists & antagonists (24min) UPDATED 5-26-2016
    ANS Drugs: Acetylcholine Muscarinic and other ACh blockers (19min)
  5. The Eye
    The Pupil Iris, constriction, dilation, Horner syndrome; light reflex (13min) NEW 7-21-2016
    The Lens Cornea and lens; myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, cataracts (13min) NEW 7-21-2016
    The Retina Retina and macula structure; retinitis; macular degeneration (17min) NEW 7-21-2016
    Eye Movements Extraocular muscles; cranial nerve III, IV, and VI palsies (8min) NEW 7-21-2016
    Visual Fields Anopia; hemianopsia; quadrantanopia (9min) NEW 7-21-2016
    Gaze Palsies MLF syndrome; PPRF lesions; Frontal eye fields (12min) NEW 7-21-2016
    Structural Eye Disorders Conjunctivitis, Scleritis, Uveitis, (14min) UPDATED 7-21-2016
    Glaucoma Open & closed angle glaucoma, Glaucoma pharmacology (12min) UPDATED 7-21-2016
  6. Anesthesia
    General Anesthesia Inhaled & intravenous anesthetics; blood solubility, minimum alveolar concentration (19min)
    Local Anesthesia Local anesthetic mechanisms, Effects & complications (8min) UPDATED 11-18-2016
    Neuromuscular Blockers Paralytic agents, Neuroleptic malignant syndrome (9min)
  7. Other Neurology Topics
    Meningitis Symptoms, diagnosis & treatment; Viral, bacterial & fungal etiologies (19min)
    Seizures Partial & complex seizures; Anti-epileptic drugs (22min)
    Neuroembryology CNS development, Neural tube defects, Chiari malformations (18min) UPDATED 7-25-2016
    Delirium and Dementia Delirium; Alzheimer’s & other dementias (21min)
    Demyelinating Diseases Multiple sclerosis, Gullain Barre, Other demyelinating diseases (12min)
    Headaches Tension, migraine & cluster headaches (10min)
    Brain Tumors Symptoms and etiology of adult and childhood tumors (16min)
    Parkinson's, Huntington's, and Movement Disorders Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, Movement disorders, Parkinson drugs (19min)
    HIV CNS Infections CMV, PML, Toxoplasmosis (5min)