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How do I know if Boards & Beyond is right for me?

We recommend watching the sample videos first to see if Dr. Ryan's teaching style works for you. You can also click through the modules on the Videos page to see the titles included in each section, and watch our video tour for an introduction to the other features included in membership.

If you'd like more information on the videos from other users, numerous students on Reddit and Studentdoctor.net have posted about using our site. You can also visit the testimonials page here on the website. 


Do you give out free trials?

Instead of a pared-down free trial, we offer a $19 one-week membership that provides full access to the site for a low up-front cost, including all videos and the entire question bank. After trying it for a week, you should have a good feel for whether Boards & Beyond fits your study style. At that point you can extend your membership with the best subscription length for your study plans. When you extend your membership, the new extension adds on to the end of your existing subscription.


What is the best way to use Boards & Beyond videos and quiz questions?

Tens of thousands of students use our videos and each one does it a little differently. There really is no "right" or "wrong" way. Since the videos take a long time to watch, many students use them alongside classes during M2 year. This is by far the most popular way to use our materials. During dedicated study time, many students re-watch some but not all videos focusing on areas of difficulty. 

If you would like more detailed directions that you can use as a starting point and customize to your learning style, check out Dr. Ryan's article: How to use Boards & Beyond.


How can I leave a review or rating for Boards & Beyond?

All members are welcome to leave reviews on Facebook or Trustpilot. If you would like to be included on our Testimonials page, please contact us directly!


Do you have a referral program? 

Yes. For every three friends you refer who purchase a subscription to Boards and Beyond we will extend your access for 1 month at no charge. Please email us when you have made three referrals with the names of your friends. Please do not email us after each individual referral as we do not track these.  


Do you offer promo codes or discounts?

Yes. Many schools and student organizations have partnered with us to provide a discount to their members. You are also welcome to contact us via email, Facebook, or Twitter to ask about current short-term promotions.


Do your Step 1 videos cover every single topic in First Aid for the Boards?

While we do cover the same general topics as First Aid, not every one of the thousands of First Aid facts is found within a Boards and Beyond video. The majority of topics are covered. First Aid page numbers are listed below each video for your reference. Logged in members can search videos by keyword with the search box in the menu bar, or use the PDF Index as a reference.   


Do you have a list of each page in First Aid and a corresponding video to watch?

No. However, logged in members can search videos by keyword with the search box in the menu bar, or use the PDF Index as a reference.  


When will there be Step 2 videos?

On May 20th, 2020 we officially announced our new product, Step 2-3-Clinical. We anticipate release in the second half of 2020, and you can get a preview of the new Step 2-3-Clinical video on Acute Renal Failure here. Because there are a lot of moving parts involved in this launch, we're still narrowing down the exact date, but it will definitely be in the second half of 2020. Keep an eye on the newsletter and social media for further updates over the next few months!


What will Step 2-3-Clinical include?

Step 2-3-Clinical will cover clinical medicine topics for your rotations plus the USMLE Step 2 and 3 exams. The design will be the same as the Step 1 content you love - short videos by Dr. Ryan with associated USMLE-style practice questions. Each video will correspond to a section in our book, White Coat Companion, so you can read along and take notes as you watch.

Dr. Ryan has been recording new Step 2-3-Clinical videos as quickly as he can, so there will be several full video sections included at launch. We will keep adding videos and quiz questions over the next few months until both the video library and question bank are complete.


Will Step 2-3-Clinical be a separate product?

Yes - we will continue to offer Step 1 in its current format, and Step 2-3-Clinical will be available for purchase separately. This will give you flexibility to only purchase access to the content that is currently relevant to you. The Step 1 video library and question bank are most relevant to medical students in years 1 and 2, while the Step 2-3-Clinical video library and question bank will be most relevant to medical students in years 3 and 4.


Can I see a sample from Step 2-3-Clinical?

Yes, you can see a preview of the new Step 2-3-Clinical video on Acute Renal Failure here


Can I join your mailing list to be emailed as soon as Step 2-3-Clinical is released?

Boards & Beyond members and newsletter subscribers will be the first to know when we have more updates - if you're not on our mailing list yet, you can sign up to here to receive updates!


Why are my videos are loading slowly?

This problem usually occurs when an internet connection is not strong enough to stream the video, or due to a conflict with your browser. Streaming of our videos requires a strong internet connection. Videos are best streamed over direct Ethernet connections (i.e. not WiFi). Weak signals via WiFi can cause videos to "time out" when loading. This can especially be a problem with loading longer videos. In addition, various browswer plug-ins can interfere with video loading. Also, some school networks limit streaming to discourage heavy web traffic. If you are viewing videos on school grounds, a VPN connection instead of your school's WiFi may work better.

Here are a few troubleshooting steps you can try: 

1: Clear your browser cache.
2: Restart your device. Older devices may need to be powered down, left off for a minute or two, then powered back up again. Windows 10 laptops will need you to "Restart" instead, because their quick-start mechanism doesn't fully clear everything for the "Shut down" option.
3: Check your browser plugins to see if any of them are interfering.
4: Check other running programs on your device that might be taking up bandwidth. Shut down other media players, for instance, to see if that speeds up your videos.
5: If you are on a network where all users share bandwidth, try playing videos at low usage times to see if they're faster when not as many people are on the network.
6: Try switching to a different browser, device, or network to see if there is a difference in video speed. This can help narrow down the source of the problem.
7: Try using a VPN to see if it makes a difference.
8: Check with your internet provider to make sure they're not throttling bandwidth for some sites.

Also, if you are having trouble only on your school grounds please check with your school's IT department. Some schools block unfamiliar sites to prevent malware. You may need to request addition of www.boardsbeyond.com to your school's list of permitted websites. 


How do I fix a video that says "hlsjs: Video file not found" and won't play?

This error is almost always related to an individual browser, but the specific cause may vary. Here are a few of the ways to fix or work around it:

1: Clear your browser cache.
2: Restart your device. Older devices may need to be powered down, left off for a minute or two, then powered back up again. Windows 10 laptops will need you to "Restart" instead, because their quick-start mechanism doesn't fully clear everything for the "Shut down" option. 
3: Try viewing the videos on a different browser. (The hlsjs error usually resolves itself in a day or two even if you don't take the above actions, so using a different browser is a useful workaround.)
4: Check your browser plugins to see if any of them are interfering.

Can I watch the videos on my iPhone or iPad?

Yes. IOS and Android devices are supported. You can access the site from Safari in your iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini. Login to view videos on these devices. Please note: the multispeed playback option is not available on the iPhone. 


Some of the videos look blurry.

After 10 seconds, our videos auto-adjust to the optimal quality. If this does not occur for any reason, at the bottom right hand corner of the videos you will see the letters: "HD". Click this to open a menu of choices for image quality. Try choosing 720p to clean up the image. After making this change, please allow a few seconds for the change to be processed through the system. 

Keep in mind that the video player auto-detects your speed, so if it's constantly defaulting to lower resolution it's because the detected connection speed rate is lower than recommended for HD.

Other potential fixes: Clearing your brower's cache and cookies resolves many image quality issues. To learn more about how to do this, try the following link


Can I get a receipt/invoice for my purchase?

After each purchase (new account or extension), an automatic email is sent listing the details of your subscription inlcuding length and price. This is the only receipt/invoice we provide. If you did not receive this email, please check your Spam folder or email us. This email has been accepted at many schools for reimbursement.  


I forgot my username.

Your username is the email you entered when you signed up. If you have multiple email addresses, make sure you are using the one you entered at signup. 


I think I was double charged when I purchased my subscription. Can you fix this?

Most likely you were not double charged. If the name, address, or zip code you entered at signup does not match that on file with your bank, your purchase will be declined. In this case, no money is debited from your card and transferred to us. You may, however, see a "pending" charge on your online account statement related to this decline. This simply indicates an attempted transaction. The charge will not be finalized and will dissapear from your credit card statement within 48 hours. If this does not occur, please contact us and we will immediately resolve the problem. The bottom line is: if you successfully sign up after a declined attempt, you may temporarily see two charges on your online statement but ultimately only one of these should remain. 


How many times can I view each video?

You can watch a video as many times as you need to learn the material. Sharing of accounts is forbidden by our Terms of Service. View counts and logins are recorded and monitored. Users with excessive logins, or logins from multiple IP addresses may lose access to the site. 


Can I have the PowerPoint slides for the videos? 

We do not release PowerPoint files of Dr. Ryan's slides. Members may access free pdf files of Dr. Ryan's slides through the Slides link on the member homepage or on the section pages. Slides are also available for purchase as books through Amazon.com.


Can I get the slide pdf files or books with (two/three) slides per page instead of 1 or 6?

We only offer slide pdf files in two formats: one per page and six per page. Print books ordered from Amazon are in the six per page format.


What are the technical requirements for viewing Boards and Beyond videos?

All you need is a high-speed internet connection and a good browser. Our video player takes care of the rest. Our site works best in current versions of web browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer. 


When does my subscription start and end?

Your subscription starts when you sign up for an account. It ends 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 18 months, or 2 years from that date depending on which subscription you purchase. Your subscription end date is listed when you login on the member homepage.


Can I extend my access?  

Yes. At any time during your subscription period, you can select "Extend My Access" on the member homeppage or account information page to purchase an extension of your subscription. 


Can I get a refund if I am not satisfied?

Unfortunately, no. Digital sales are final. However, we strive to satisfy our customers. If you find the videos different from what you expected, please let us know.


Do you offer different playback speeds when viewing videos?

Yes. Our video player offers several reduced (<1x) and accellerated (>1x) playback speeds. Choose whichever speed works best for you. 


What if I find an error in one of the video modules?

We have worked hard to ensure the information in our videos is accurate. However, errors are inevitable given the complex and voluminous nature of medical science. If you see or hear something in any of our materials that you feel is incorrect, please contact customer service. We will correct the slides and companion books as neccessary. 


Can I download or "pirate" the videos? 

No. The videos can only be viewed via online streaming through our site. Downloading of videos is a violation of our Terms of Service and will result in termination of a user's account. In addition, transmission of protected materials ("pirating") is a violation of the professionalism policy at most medical schools. Users who pirate videos may be subject to disciplinary actions from their school administration. We notify school officals if we learn of students downloading videos. 


What if I want to delete my account?

As stated above, we cannot provide refunds after a membership has been purchased. However, if you wish to delete your account for any reason, email us at customerservice@boardsbeyond.com with "Delete my account" in the subject line. Provide your name and email and we will delete all your information from our site. 


How do I take a quiz?

For videos that have associated quiz questions, a "Video Quiz" link is shown on the section page (blue arrow in image below). The number to the right of the link indicates the number of questions associated with that video. Clicking the Video Quiz button will launch a quiz containing all questions associated with that video. You can also click the Section Quiz links (green arrows below) to launch a quiz containing all questions for videos within that section. Numbers next to the section quiz links indicate the number of questions associated with each section's videos. 



You can also take a quiz from the video view page by clicking the video quiz link (blue arrow below).


You can also go to the Quizzes link from the member homepage or the link shown at the top of the page when logged in (red arrows below) . These will take you to our Quiz home page.


On the Quizzes homepage you can track your progress (top table) and review your quiz history (bottom table). You can also click the Create Quiz button (blue arrow below) to create a custom quiz with any number of questions using filters for section (cardiology, renal, etc.), used/unused, and correct/incorrect. 

"Boards and Beyond was one of the best resources I used in preparing for Step 1."